Fall Reads

Crispy air, a lot of warm colors around, chilly weather, baggy sweaters, soft flannel shirts, warm and cute socks, sleepy cat, a cup of hot caramel latte, rainy days, cinnamon candle, and finally… a cozy book, what else!



Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir

A novel of Lady Jane Grey, who also known as Nine-Day Queen.

Being a sixteen-year-old girl, she is not interested in the
court life. What she cares about are her studies and her books. She believes that the right to the throne of England belongs to Mary Tudor, as King Henry VIII’s eldest child. However, her avaricious, selfish and hunger for power parents, decide otherwise. After a roller coaster of court intrigues, Jane finds herself on English throne. Next thing she knows she is in the Tower accused by Queen Mary I of treason to the crown.  The novel covers Jane’s life from age of four to her execution.

It was a nice story, I felt so bad for Jane, who was so young and innocent. Unfortunately, she was tangled in a huge net of court conspiracies, which led her to death.

I enjoy everything set in medieval England and read everything by Philippa Gregory, I grabbed Alison Weir’s novel and did not regret for a second!

The only negative thing, I got to say about this novel is that it was a too slow for my taste. There were some moments when I got a bit sleepy.

Rating: 3/5


Anchor in the storm by Sarah Sundin

The second novel in the Waves of Freedom series. The story takes place in Boston during World War II. A smart girl Lillian lost her leg during an accident when she was a child, moving to the big city to pursue her dream of being a pharmacist. Yet, not many people (including her new boss) believe that looks and brains come together. Nevertheless, Lillian is not a girl who would give up. She is trying to prove the world that she can be more than just a wife to a wealthy man.

Life during the wartime is full of surprises, as she finds herself trying to solve a mystery of drug-dealers net in the Navy.  With help of a charming Naval Officer Archer Vandenberg, she finds a way not only prove herself as a serious pharmacist, save Arch’s men but also open her heart to love, as she learns to deal with her past relationship and find her strength to trust again.

It was such a heart-warming story. Sarah Sundin creates very endearing characters, and they just stay in your heart forever.

Rating: 4/5


When Summer Comes by Brenda Novak  How to be English by David Boyle If Walls Could Talk by Lucy Worsley Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel Little Princess by  Frances Hodgson Burnett Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith


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