Review: The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon


Madness is always a wonderful excuse, don’t you think? For doing terrible things to other people.

Sara Harrison Shea is a wife and a mother, living in a small farmhouse in West Hall,
Vermont in the 19th century. The town is located at the foot of the mountain and hides many secrets coming from Native American legends and old stories. Sara lost many close people in her life, including her little baby son, and now she must do anything to protect her daughter Gertie. As a young girl, Sara received a dangerous knowledge of an ancient, mysterious ritual, which can bring people back from the dead.

She never thought she would ever use this knowledge. Not until that night, when something truly horrible happened.

More than hundred years later, in the same farmhouse, Ruthie and Fawn’s mother Alice disappears. All the clues, including Sara’s old diary, lead the girls to dreadful facts about their past, Alice, Sara and the dead.

I have very mixed feelings about this book… while reading the first half of the novel, I was unquestionably going to give it five stars, but the second half pretty much ruined it for me. It was as if I was rolling off the mountain and hitting the ground so suddenly!  “What just happened? Is that it?”

Must admit that the first third of the book was intense and terrifying. Gave me real chills! I stayed up late and after putting the book down had to watch a thousand YouTube makeup videos, just to recover.

I expected the second part to be even darker and mind-blowing. However, it was not the case, and it was disappointing.

I think it was almost certainly because I began to figure out what is going on. The story no longer shadowy. I was waiting for some plot twist. Unfortunately, that did not happen. The dark atmosphere, which was built in the beginning of the novel, slowly faded…

The Winter People on Goodreads

Rating: 3/5



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