Review: Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

“Some of life’s most beautiful things grow out of the darkest moments.”

The only way to deal with a tragic event in Ada’s life is to
change her life radically. She leaves her comfortable home and moves to a houseboat. There she finds new friends that help her to move on. However, the main help comes from an unexpected place; a mystery box belonged to Penny, young woman who lived in the same houseboat years ago. Through revealing Penny’s story, Ada finds straight and hope to start over.

First, I must say, the atmosphere of this novel is enchanting. The coziness that swaps you is fantastic. Imagine sitting on a porch of a houseboat with beautiful morning glory flowers around it, the still waters that reflect the colors of the sunset, the birds, a glass of wine, listening to an old Frank Sinatra record in the background, oh! and freshly baked cinnamon rolls of course!

This book is for those who want to disconnect from reality for a while and come back refreshed and full of inspiration.

Sarah Jio never disappoints me. I’ve read few of her novels including The Violets of March, Blackberry Winter, The Bungalow, Goodnight June, The Last Camellia. Though it is clear that she follows a certain formula in her novel, a secret in the past, and a character in the present who is dealing with a tragic event and revealing the secret. Nevertheless, I still like her style, the writing is good, and the story always keeps you hooked. Certainly going to read more of her novels. Morning Glory is my favorite so far.

Rating: 5/5


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