Review: My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

I think I’ve finally worked out how to feel good about life. Every time you see someone’s bright-and-shiny, remember: They have their own crappy truths too.


Usually, I enjoy Sophie Kinsella’s novels a lot. They are light, fun and simply adorable. You fall in love with every character she creates, whether it is Becky the Shopaholic or Sadie the ghost from the Twenties Girl.

Sophie Kinsella is the author I reach for when I need to relax and just to have a good laugh. She is one of those writers, whose books you buy without even looking at the annotation.

So, Katie Brenner (now she goes by Cat, much fancier, don’t you think?) lives a not so perfect life (compared to other modern city girls). She doesn’t live in an expensive neighborhood, dresses classy clothes, goes to cool parties at Soho or drives a sports car. In fact, she grew up in the countryside, now lives in a small apartment with not so classy neighbors, has to take a train to work and tries to be noticed at her new workplace (where nobody actually cares about her professional abilities). Nevertheless, Katie makes sure to show her (not) so perfect life in the right light on Instagram.

Now Katie at her new job, and she must prove herself. Unfortunately, her boss Demeter is not giving her any chance. The things get worse when she meets an extremely handsome man, who happens to be her boss’s boss, and whose life is even more perfect and glamorous then she could ever imagine.  Things get even worse when she gets unexpectedly fired and has to move back to the countryside. Can Katie fight her way back to the city to the perfect life she’s always dreamed about?

From all of Kinsella’s previous books, this particular one was not that special to me. It was somehow too serious and predictable (I’m not saying that her others have crazy plot twists). Nevertheless, it wasn’t bad. Still had this Kinsella touch to it, nice plot and cute characters. After reading and absolutely loving her Undomestic Goddess, The Twenties Girl, Can You Keep A Secret?, I’ve Got Your Number, I wasn’t completely impressed by this one.

Rating: 3/5



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