Review: The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearsons


Lia, the Princess of Morrighan successfully escapes the Komizar of Venda. She, Rafe the Prince of Dalbreck and a few loyal soldiers are now traveling to the safe lands. In Dalbreck Rafe finds out that, his father died and now, he has to take his place on the throne. Lia has worries of her own. Due to a gift, she has she feels that the Komizar is not dead as they thought he was and is going to attack her Kingdom. Therefore, she must warn her people of the upcoming danger. When she arrives in Morrighan, she finds her country in other danger; traitors are trying to take over the throne. Lia must find the traitors, raise an army and be a true ruler of her kingdom.

I have enormous expectations for thirds books in trilogies. Usually, the first is an introduction to the world the story takes place in, the characters, the conflicts and the plot. The second book in a series is where the story actually begins and the main drama happens. The third is a conclusion and in my opinion, it must be impressive! Especially if you really liked the first two. There is nothing more disappointing then your favorite series ends like meeh…

Therefore, my expectation for The Beauty of Darkness was so huge! I loved everything about the first two, the plot, plot twists, drama, characters and even the love triangle (I am so serious).

Have to say that the start was so slow, like very slow. It took me more than a week to finish the book (which is a lot, especially when I read the first two in three days or so). The first third was boring (sorry Mary Pearson, but it is). Why is this book even so long? 500 something pages long, and the first 200 is a copy/paste of the second book (when Lia was traveling to Venda with Kaden, here she is traveling from Venda with Rafe). Then, Lia is getting ready for the big battle. When you get ready for the most epic battle in the history of the country with the most powerful bad guy in history, and when the preparation is for 400 pages, you expect the battle to be like in the Game of Thrones and nothing less. Then it comes and it is like fine, then comes Lia and within second deals with everything (do not want to spoil anything).

Come on! it had to be more sensational…

The ending is horrible. I felt, the author have decided on an ending (which was not the best, but it went with the story and I could live with that since it made sense) but then, on the last page, she was like “No, I must write a happy ending”!  Why?!

You must think that I hated the book, but I actually did not. It was not all bad, the characters are still great, I loved them in the previous books and I love them now. The idea and the plot were also nice and the writing was good. However, if the book was shorter it could be great, though. I hate when books are unnecessarily too long and even though the plot is interesting the unnecessary pages of pointless stuff just drag your attention away and you get bored.

Rating: 3/5



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