Review: The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

The WWI has just ended and Tom is desperately seeking peace. He is tired of fighting and watching people die in front of his eyes. He needs a quiet place, to clear up his mind and recover.

By arriving in a small town in Australia, he is offered a position as a lighthouse keeper on a distant island. To Tom, this is a perfect job.

Just before leaving to the island, Tom meets a beautiful young girl, Isabel. They fall in love and tie the knot. Isabel is ready to follow her husband wherever is needed even on an isolated island.

Their life seems perfect at first, they have a nice house, mesmerizing sunsets over the ocean and most important each other. However, this perfect life does not last long; soon they face the loss of their babies. Isabel is devastated and desperate and Tom does not know how to help his dear wife.

Their lives turn upside down when a boat brought ashore. In that boat, they discover a dead body of a man and little baby girl. To Isabel this is a sign from heaven; finally, she got the one thing she wished the most: a child. She decides to keep the baby and raise her as her own.

Years pass, everything seems perfect again until Tom meets a woman, who lost her husband and child in terrible circumstances. They fled on a boat and never seen again. Now, when Tom knows the truth, can he tore the baby from Isabel’s arms?

This novel is about decisions, consequences and how these choices affect people’s lives. Also how difficult sometimes to see the thin line between right and wrong.

I cannot recall when was the last time I cared so deeply for fictional characters.

Although I did not always agree with Isabel’s actions, her feelings and frustration were understandable. Her decision to keep the baby was completely wrong though. Tom did not have any saying in that matter. He loved his wife so much, that he simply could not hurt her and break her heart by refusing to take the girl.

Tom felt guilty for so many things, including his wife’s unhappiness and understood that they are acting wrong and just could not do anything against. Poor, poor Tom…

However, most outrages moment to me was towards the end. How Isabel jumped to blame her husband for everything! At that moment, I lost all hope for her. Before I maybe felt sorry for her, but after that betrayal, I had no pity left for that woman! I am so angry!

This novel was so amazing but my heart broke and bled every time I turned another page!

Rating: 5/5


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