Review: Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory

Margaret is Tudor Princess and the sister to Arthur King of England, Henry, and Mary. She knows well her duty and ready to play her role. In order to sustain peace between England and Scotland, Margaret must marry James King of Scotland, a man she never even seen before. Leaving her country, her brothers, little sister Mary and a sister-in-law Kathrine of Aragorn, she going to Scotland.

The King is a mature, handsome, strong man with a red beard and sparkly eyes, he is kind to his new little wife (Margaret is only fourteen years old at the time), and soon she learns so respect him and to love him. Shortly she learns that her brother King Arthur died and her little brother Henry rises on the throne of England. However, the peace that was expected after her marriage to the Scot King is not accomplished. James leads the army against France and England and was captured.

Now Margaret is a dowager Queen of Scotland. Despite her husband’s wish to make her a regent to their five-year-old son James, the high lords decide otherwise.

Margaret must fight her way back to the throne near her son James and keep the peace between Scotland, France, and England. However, it is not easy when everyone including her sisters seen against her. Soon Margaret finds a supporter, a handsome Archibald Douglas. The Consulate not approve their marriage and forbid Margaret to see her son the King. Looking for support, she flees to England, hoping that her brother would help her. However, King Henry has other issues on his mind. His marriage to Kathrine of Aragon his brother Arthur’s widow is not going well, they still do not have a male heir. Henry looking for love elsewhere. Anne Boleyn takes Queen’s place beside the King.

Margaret’s marriage is not going well too. In England, she learns about her husband’s betrayal. He does not only take her rent money but also leaving with his lover as man and wife at Margaret’s castle. Furious and humiliated she hurries back to gain her rightful place as a regent. However, the way to the throne will not be easy; Margaret must find new allies, protect her children and try to stay alive!

It’s was a good read, a lot of action and betrayals and court intrigues. Margaret was an interesting character to read about. At the beginning, I was very annoyed by her, she was constantly whining and her jealousy of her sisters drove me crazy. She was obsessed with being above her sisters.  However, apparently, it was because she was young and if you consider that she was raised as a the-most-important-person-ever-the-Tudor-princess, so her behavior is reasonable.  If you like historical fiction, you would like this one too. Besides, it is nice to read about not very known historical figure. I did not know anything about Kings Henry VIII sisters before.


Rating: 4/5




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