Review: The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich

Let me just say that I wish this novel was longer! Three hundred pages are not enough for this amazingness.

Hannah is a Jewess, a midwife, and a wife living in the 16th century Venice. Her husband was captured and sold into slavery on Malta. When he realized that nobody is going to save him, he is trying to find his own ways to survive, escape and get back to Venice.
In the meantime, a wealthy and powerful Count is asking Hannah’s help to deliver his wife’s baby and save him, since it is his last hope to have a child and an heir to his fortune. None of the Christian midwives could help the Countess that is in labor for over two days. The Rabbi of the Ghetto forbids Hannah to help Christians and risk the safety of the entire Ghetto but after a generous offer from the Count, that can buy her husband’s freedom, she accepts to help.
Delivering Countess Baby is not the most challenging thing Hannah must face. Shortly she finds herself alone with a Christian child, fighting for its safety. When there is nobody to turn for help, she goes to the person she rejected years ago, her sister, Jessica. She is now a New Christian, a woman who betrayed her people and her religion, and who is now living a not an honorable life. Would Hannah be able to save herself, the baby and her husband?

I have no words to describe how I enjoyed this novel. There is so much going on, and every time you turn another page there is drama, action, a twist, an intrigue, and a surprise!
When I read the summary of this novel, I was expecting a quite slow and steady telling of a midwife… but I was the opposite of slow. A Very captivating story, I wish there was more to it though.

P.S. And then I saw on the Goodreads there is a sequel!!! The Harem Midwife. I hope it’s as dramatic as this one!

Rating: 5/5


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