Review: The Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts

I never read any of the Nora Roberts’s novels (and they are so many!) because I am not into all of that contemporary romance she is usually doing. However, once wandering at the bookstore, I was in search for something mermaid related (as I just finished the Siren by Kiera Cass and was really into water creatures) and ran into this Nora Roberts series, which was fantasy: Stars of Fortune, Bay of Sighs and Island of Glass. That was not typical Nora Roberts for me; therefore, I have decided to give it a try.

Basically, the trilogy is about six people, living in different places in the world, but none of them is an ordinary human, Sasha is a Seer, Bran is a Magician, Riley is a Werewolf, Annika is a Mermaid, Sawyer is a Time-traveler, Doyle is an Immortal.

They are destined to meet on Corfu Island and go on the mission to find and protect tree stars, that were hidden for ages.  According to an ancient legend, tree Goddesses have created three stars as a gift to a newborn Queen. The evil Goddess Nerezza wanted the stars for herself since they were very powerful and the one who had them can rule the world or destroy it. Therefore, the good Goddesses hid them in three different places and created six guardians to bring them back when the time comes.

Each book of the trilogy follows two characters as main protagonists and the search for one of the stars.

I have very mixed feeling about the series.

On the one hand, I have read all the three books of the series, which is a good sign. If it wasn’t good I would give up on the series after the first book.

On the other hand, the fantasy part was very weak. I have read better. If you won’t focus on the novel as a fantasy, it’s quite good. But I would cut off some of the completely unnecessary details, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, (Nora Roberts describes EVERY single meal they had EVERYDAY, no kidding) and develop more the fantasy part. There were many black holes in the whole Goddesses storyline, and a big part of it didn’t make any sense to me. Like why would Goddesses need the help of people to find those stars if they have hidden them in the first place?

What I liked about this novel though, are the characters. There were six of them and every one had its own different personality and background, and some personal drama and struggles, which was awesome. I really got to care about all of them throughout the story. They all had an equal part in the story, so there wasn’t someone who is less interesting or annoying. That is great because I have read many books where some of the protagonists are clearly unnecessary and you want to skip some pages. So, I feel it’s hard to find the right balance between many main characters, and make them ALL interesting to the reader.

I loved the relationships and friendship bonds between them and the everyday life of the characters. The places descriptions were very vividly described. The story takes place at very beautiful places, the Corfu Island, Island of Capri and Ireland. And you can picture them so realistically in your mind, Nora Roberts did an awesome job here with the description and the writing.

P.S. I would probably read more of Nora Robert’s novels now. Something in her writing really got me hooked.

Rating: 4/5



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