5 Delicious Reads


I love reading about delicious food! It makes every story cozier, comforting and heart-warmimg. If you have a thing for delicious treats, I recommend you these five amazing books! Make sure to grab a snack before reading one of them, you’ll need it!


Chocolate by Joanne Harris

The name speaks for itself. This novel is all about chocolate! Vienne and her daughter move from town to town, country to country until they settle down in a little French village. While trying to get used to a normal life, Vienne opens a Chocolatterie. For generations, her family treated chocolate as an art. Now it’s Vienne’s turn to brighten up the calm and steady village life with her delicious treats. However, the citizens are not ready for a change and are not willing to open up. They prefer to live behind closed doors, praying and obeying the village mayor. But not everybody in the town is suspicious of the newcomers, Vianne gains new friendships and even helps Josephine to escape abusing husband, an old lady to find love and families to reunite. Her Chocolatterie seems to bring comfort and joy to the villagers after all.


Heartless by Marissa Mayer

The story of the Queen of the Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Before becoming the evil queen we all familiar with. Kathrine was a girl full of dreams. She wanted to be a baker, open a bakery and fall in love. Her exceptional lemon tarts made the King of the Hearts fall in love with her. But Kathrine wished to prove her baking skills to the whole country. Lemon tarts, blueberry muffins, orange zest cupcakes, you name it! All in her bakery, the best bakery in the kingdom. Unfortunately, it all went terribly wrong…


Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

You know what can be better than Lemon tarts? Cinnamon rolls! And that’s what Penny does best. When she first moved to the boat house in Seattle with her husband, she was quite skeptical about living on the river, but Penny could find the spirit of the place. After a while, she simply couldn’t see herself in another place. What can be better than sitting on the porch with a glass of wine, looking at the sunset, listening to Frank Sinatra and catching that homey scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls…
Almost a decade later, the house still had this feeling of coziness, Ada called it home a minute she stepped into the house. This boat clearly has a history to tell, and Ada is ready to find it out, but first cinnamon rolls and coffee!


Review: Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

Sweetness of Forgetting

I love bakeries. There is something so cozy and comforting about bakeries. Just how people know each other because they meet every morning getting coffee. And the personnel knowing your special. Everybody are friendly in the bakery and nothing can’t go wrong when the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries are filling the air.
That’s exactly what are you getting in this novel. A family bakery. And a family secret of course!



Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I love Italy! I love everything about it. The people, the language, the views, the history, the architecture and mostly the food. Elizabeth Gilbert perfectly portraits the delicious Italian food in this book. Freshly cut basil, hot red tomatoes, delicious pasta and wine, wine, wine. Not only that you’ll have the urge to cook something yourself but pack your bags and fly to Rome. Consider yourself warned!




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