Review: The Jewel by Amy Ewing


I did not expect to like this book at all since it sounded like million other YA novels I have read before. Like a mishmash of the Hunger Games with the Selection and The Red Queen. The idea of poor people getting pregnant for Royals sounded bizarre to me. However, it was actually a very good book. I enjoyed it and going to jump right into the sequel The White Rose.

Violet is chosen to be a surrogate for the Royals in the Jewel. The Auction where the Royals can buy her to carry their child is coming soon and it means she is never going to see her family again. Because as soon as she gets to the Jewel, she becomes a number, a surrogate, a property of her master and nothing more. She cannot speak to anyone, or have any opinions or emotions; she can only carry a royal child.

Due to her extraordinary talents and magic abilities, one of the richest and powerful houses in the Lone City buys her. The Duchess of the Lake House has ambitious plans to have a daughter, who would marry the son of the Electress and become the next ruler. Nevertheless, in order to accomplish this goal, the Duchess must compete with other royals, and have her daughter to be born perfect. That is the reason she was waiting for someone as exceptional as Violet.

Violet tries to accept her destiny, although every single part of her soul fights with the cruelty of this course. She almost lost all hope to have her normal life back, until she meets Ash, a royal companion, someone exactly like her, a prisoner in that sparkly-fancy world.  They found refuge in each other and gained a small spark of hope back. Their happiness could not last long, as they have no right for anything other than to serve the Royals.

As I said before, I really enjoyed this novel. It got me by surprise to be hooked to this book so much. The plot was unexpected and I got sympathizing to Violet and Ash so much! I liked the connection they had. Two lonely souls, who cannot be themselves and forgot how is to feel loved and respected. The short brief moments they had together were the only moments when they could be regular young people again. Their relationship was so sweet; it really made me too emotional at some points.

The only thing that bothered me in this novel though, were the names… I know it sounds weird but YA it is those kinds of books when an author can really go wild and come up with amazing names. But, to call a city “The City” and the farm “The Farm” and the house by the lake “The House of the Lake”?… It ruined the impression of the book a little bit for me; I was constantly rolling my eyes.

Now, the question is where am I going to fit two books of this series in my already huge TBR list?


Rating: 4/5


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  1. This sounds great, but the naming does sound a little lazy. I’m not sure why you’d name things that way if the rest of the book is really good.

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  2. I was thinking of ordering that but I was afraid it might be exactly like The Selection series, and I didn’t want to reread the same book all over again.
    But after reading your review, I may actually buy it now!

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    1. Victoria says:

      Happy to hear that!) Tell me what you think after you read it.

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  3. Outstanding story there. What happened after? Take care!


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