Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

First, I got a question for you, guys, what fantasy creature do you like the most? Vampires? Warlocks? Werewolves? Maybe Fairies? I like werewolves, that’s why I was TeamJacob and TeamAlcide all the way!

Well, I picked up Shiver, ready to get my mind blown. Through all of the book, I had this feeling that I’m reading Twilight where all the vampire scenes were erased. Therefore, the novel was so boring and lack of action. The book is too young even for young adult… more like kid-adult.

When Grace was a kid, she was attacked by a pack of wolves (not one! But several huge wolves… in the forest). She was miraculously rescued by the one with beautiful yellow eyes. Those eyes captured Grace’s, heart. She became obsessed with wolves (so, obsessed so her best friend was seriously concerned with her sanity), she waited and waited for years to see the wolf again, was walking in the woods, and watching the woods contently. Then one day, a boy showed up at her door, he was covered with blood barely breathing. Obviously, she recognizes his beautiful yellow eyes and takes care of him. Sam is a werewolf, he couldn’t watch the pack tearing Grace apart many years ago. So, he watched until she was lying almost dead and then heroically stepped in and saved her. Thank you very much… He loved her since then and was spying on her, while she was naked in her room. I call it love!

Here the action of the novel ends, and everything that happens in the next 7/8 is spending the days in Grace’s room… doing nothing… I mean it, nothing! Fine! They did have breakfast here and there and he drove her to school…

The main antagonist I guess was Grace’s classmate, Jack who was newly bitten, so he was scared and confused and did stupid things like showing up at the schoolyard or biting Grace’s best friend Olivia. None of the “old wolves” could take care of this poor guy and explain to him how his life is going to be and take care of him. Sam was busy kissing Grace, the others were like “I don’t know where he is”. Come on! You have a super strong sense of smell and all; can’t you find a pool wolf-kid? So, frustrating!

Nothing happened in this book, nothing… it’s 400 pages of eating breakfast, kissing, watching him sleep, kissing again, crying, thinking about finding Jack, but kissing is better…

So many things didn’t make sense to me. One, Grace was in love with a wolf. Before knowing, he’s a man. It’s disturbing. Two, she was attacked by several wild animals, shouldn’t she have sort of a trauma and be afraid of the wolves? Instead, she passionately in love with one of them… disturbing again. Three, why none of the wolves did anything to protect the town people from this newborn Jack, who was crazy and aggressive? Sam was busy kissing but what about the Alfa guy and the rest? Four, why Sam was such a girl? His description of dark haired, broad, tall and masculine didn’t match with his too soft and feminine personality. You’re a BADDASS werewolf! Act like one!

I don’t understand what the sequel can be about. Having dinner and kissing? And the third one?

P/S. I don’t like doing a negative review because I feel that every book has its reader and people can enjoy it, even if it wasn’t my cup of tea. But I’m curious if anyone else felt as frustrated as I did after reading it?

Rating: 2/5


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