Fall TBR


Fall is here! My favorite season. Obviously, every season is special in its own way but fall stands out from the crown for me. There is something so very charming and romantic about the color change and the fresh crispy air, misty mornings and warm spicy drinks, harvest and new beginnings. I always feel extra inspired in fall…

While during the summer I like to read more quick and fun lit, mostly YA, in fall my reading preferences change. In fall, I prefer to dig into history, reveal some deep family secrets, travel to mysterious foggy lands and I want romance!

So, here is my TBR list for this fall.



The Legacy by Katherine Webb

Sisters Beth and Erica return to their family manor in Wiltshire. They used to spend every summer there as children, until one day their cousin Henry mysteriously disappeared by the lake near the house. Storton Manor is an old house, full of family secrets and memories.

Katherine Webb is my new favorite author and I need more of her books immediately!




A Half-Forgotten Song by Katherine Webb

The life of fourteen-year-old Dimity Hatcher changes forever with the arrival of a famous painter and his family. This novel is about an unrequited love of a teenage girl, that does not bring her happiness but unfortunately, she understands it too late.



Belgravia by Julian Fellowes

  1. Belgravia the London’s grandest postcode.

Sophia is in love with Edmund the heir of an aristocratic family. Their life together was too short. Edmund dies during the Battle of Waterloo and Sofia at labor. Their bastard son is given up to adoption but only twenty-five years after the consequences of the past mistakes rise to the surface.




Longbourn by Jo Baker

The alternative view on the famous Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The servants of the famous Bennet family residence tell the story about the life downstairs, on the background of the well-known events.




Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

On June 23, 1842, in Canada, an awful murder accrued. A sixteen-year-old housemaid Grace Marks was accused of murdering her master and his pregnant mistress. Grace spent twenty-nine years in a mental institution. But, was she truly guilty?




The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory

Philippa is my all-time favorite author and this is her last novel in the Tudor series. The story of the nine-day queen Lady Jane Grey. Nothing else to say apart from how much I enjoy every story she writes and the fact that I want to know more about the tragic and too short life of Lady Jane.




Taming the Queen by Philippa Gregory

Again, Philippa Gregory novel from the Tudor series. This time the story follows the Sixth and the last wife of King Henry VIII – Catherine Parr.




Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

Memoir of Jennifer Worth, her life, and work as a midwife in the 50’s London. Nurses and nuns are the only ones to carry for the women of the working class. Working as a midwife, the author witnessed the lives and tragedies of different people in the East End.




The Shifting Fog (The Riverton House) by Kate Morton

Seventy years have passed but Grace still cannot forget the horrible tragedy happened in Riverton Manor during a large party. On that night, a famous poet met his death. Only three people knew the truth about what happened: two sisters Hannah and Emmeline Hartford and their servant Grace.




Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe is my second new favorite author. Easy, kind and happy read – perfect for a romantic fall.

Three sisters that have nothing in common except the childhood memories of spending the summers at the grandmother’s old house on an island. This year is grandma’s 80th birthday and she plans a special reunion just for them – the girls. What is she up to?



Happy Fall to you guys!


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