Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

9780440296324Lara is going through a difficult time; her boyfriend Josh broke up with her, her new business is not going very well, there is a stock of unpaid bills waiting for her in her apartment, an almost empty bank account. If that is not enough, she is forced to attend a funeral of her great-aunt she never even met, and it means one terrible thing – a family reunion she was successfully avoiding so far.

Lara always had the craziest imagination and after her latest troubles it got even crazier, otherwise, how can you explain that at the funeral she sees the ghost of her great-aunt Sadie. She is not only visible but also demanding and commanding Lara to do some unbelievable things!

Sadie appears as a twenty-year-old charming girl and is desperate; her favorite neckless is gone and she absolutely cannot continue without it. Sadie definitely not going to leave Lara in peace until she stops the ceremony and finds the missing treasure.

Because of a charming and vivacious ghost, Lara finds herself in a chain of amusing, embarrassing and awkward situations. She dresses up in the 20’s dresses and strolls in them in public,  asks a random serious businessman on a date and dances Charleston in a local pub. Poor Lara didn’t expect to be tangled in the most incredible events! However, she also didn’t expect to gain a new best friend, learn about her family’s most hidden secrets and find the man of her dreams.

Like every Sophie Kinsella’s novel, Twenties girl is a quick, fun and charming read. Moreover, her characters are as adorable as always and you cannot stay indifferent to the adorable flapper ghost Sadie, who is a true diamond of this story and would capture your heart from the first appearance. Her bubbly personality would bring you so much joy. A good mood is guaranteed after reading this novel!

However, do not expect crazy plot twist and unexpected ending. It is always quite predictable with Kinsella’s books. The same good old recipe with a couple ingredients switched up.

Do reach for this novel if you want to spice up your mood, and want to add a pinch of kindness to your day.


Rating: 5/5


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