7 Best Vacation-on-the-Beach Books

Although it’s fall and everybody pulled out their plaid throw ups, fluffy socks and studied some new PUMPKIN-EVERYTHING recipes,  it’s still sad to let go of the summer. In case you guys want to keep summer around for a bit longer, here are some of my suggestions for nice and summery reads.


81awlmqHRfLA Single Breath by Lucy Clarke

After the accidental death of Jackson, Eve’s husband who died in London, after 8 months of their marriage, she decides she decides to go to his homeland and find consolation with his family in distant Australia. However, a new astonishment awaits her there. Eva puts together all the pieces of Jackson’s former life and finds out his true story, which contains unpleasant moments and secrets. Day after day, Eve understands how different Jackson was from the man she knew and loved. So, why did he lie to her? Moreover, what – or who – is able to help her start everything from the beginning?


6339314_849368Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes

Lisa wants to escape from her past. She chooses a quiet town in Australia with its deserted beaches and friendly people to help her to find peace of mind. The only thing Lisa could not foresee was the arrival of Mike Dormer, a well mannered, well-dressed businessman. Mike has big plans of turning a quiet town into a fancy and fashionable resort. The only thing Mike could not foresee is that Lisa will get in his way. Moreover, he could not even imagine falling in love.


9724798Violets in March by Sarah Jio

Emily Wilson, once the luckiest girl in New York, now going through a life crisis. It forces her to leave the metropolis and go to Bainbridge Island to her great-aunt, Bee.

On the island, Emily meets a charismatic Jack, but it seems Bee is not too happy with their acquaintance. Emily does not get any explanations from her, but soon finds a diary of Esther Johnson, dated 1943, whose records help her understand strange behavior of the locals and change Emily’s view on the island she adored as a child.

28110106On Folly Beach by Karen White

Emmy Hamilton, surrendering to her mother’s persuasion, buys a small bookstore on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Soon she finds among the books mysterious love letters and a picture of a bottle tree. This is the beginning of a fascinating adventure. As a result, Emmy discovering the truth about the mysterious events occurred on the island during the Second World War.



11720964._UY630_SR1200,630_The Bungalow by Sarah Jio

In the summer of 1942, Anna Calloway decides to escape from unexciting life and enlists to the Army Nurse Corps with her best friend Kitty. On the Pacific island of Bora-Bora Anna meets a charming soldier Westry who manages to chase away her longing for home and lost of the friendship.

One day they find an old abandoned cabin near the wild beach, where a famous artist once lived. Trying to keep their blossoming feelings in secret, they become witnesses of a strange event…

20yrs-sparks-nights-in-rodantheNights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

A divorced woman Adriana arrives in Rodanthe to take over her friend’s hotel while she is away. Paul is the only person staying there. Going through similar troubles as Adriana, they find an unexpected comfort in opening their souls and hearts to a stranger. They spend together only a few days, and they will be separated for a year regularly exchanging letters.



the-summer-girls-9781476758831_hrThe Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe is my second new favorite author. Easy, kind and happy read – perfect for a romantic fall.

Three sisters that have nothing in common except the childhood memories of spending the summers at the grandmother’s old house on an island. This year is grandma’s 80th birthday and she plans a special reunion just for them – the girls. What is she up to?





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