My Favorite Classics


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

First reading Jane Eyre is where my addiction to reading began. I can’t even count how many times I’ve re-read this novel and don’t want to imagine how many more times I would. There is something so enchanting about the story of a poor orphan who grew up in a world that lacks any kindness and compassion. Nevertheless, Jane became an outstanding young woman who not only gained the respect of every person she met along her way but also won the heart of an amazing gentleman, the love of my life from middle school, Mr. Rochester.


rerSense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

I can definitely say that I love every Austen novel, however, Sense and Sensibility have a special place in my heart. I don’t know if it’s because I can relate to Elinor and Marianne so much that I feel I’m reading a diary of a very close friend. There is something very comforting for me in this novel. Every time I open this book, it feels like someone is tapping me on the shoulder and says “It’s going to be fine.”


4db76b1ae8c70f8cb4a62e8240609d77Little Women by Luisa May Alcott

This is probably the coziest novel ever existed. The family relationships between the March sisters is something I want to go back to time after time. If I could choose any of fictional characters to spend holidays with, I would choose the March sisters. Sitting by the fireplace, listening to the stories read by Joe and sipping the tea was made by kind Marmee. Oh, cozy paradise!



545641Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

You cannot stay indifferent to Scarlett O’Hara. Whether you adore her or hate her, no one can deny she’s an outstanding female character. I’m one of those who adores her strength and persistence to do anything her way. She may sometimes go over the top and be completely blinded by her ambitions but everything she does, she does with lots of passion.




9780141199641Vanity Fair by William Thackeray

The story of notorious Becky Sharp and her journey from being an unwanted child to shining in high society. Her struggles to be accepted in the world of rich and powerful people. Becky seemed to get what she wanted but it definitely didn’t bring her any happiness and satisfaction. No matter how she tried to be liked and approved by the high society, she never became one of them and the money couldn’t buy her the respect and the feeling of acceptance. It’s quite a tragic story, and I like Becky’s strong characters and the willingness to follow her goal despite everything people said about her. She obviously made many mistakes along the way and let the only person loved her to slip through her hands but her persistence is admirable.


{411150D0-4739-4BD1-A494-BDD86ECBE5DA}Img400Jennie Gerhardt by Theodor Drizer

It’s quite a heartbreaking story of about Jennie Gerhardt the kindest, but an extremely unlucky girl. She struggled through so many unpleasant moments, poverty, and hopelessness but remained a pure soul, ready for anything for the sake of her loved ones. Few could remain indifferent to the naïve girl who tried to confront the whole world, which was so cruel and ruthless. I admire Jennie and wished she was a little bit more selfish for her own sake. Wished there was someone who would treat Jennie as good as she treated others.


850xNShirley by Charlotte Brontë

Shirley is the story of two contrasting heroines and were inspired by Charlotte’s sisters Emily and Anne. Shirley is a wealthy heiress, independent and strong woman. On her contrast is shy and quite Caroline, who desperately in love with the mill owner Robert who barely notices her. The friendship grew between two women taught each of them to look beyond the understandable, find confidence within themselves and listen to own hearts. Shirley is Brontë’s most feminist novel, where she creates a new form of power, equal to that of men, in confident young women, challenging the traditional morals.


51Q7XC1NKMLWar and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

I am infinitely grateful to this book for that hurricane of emotions and thoughts that it caused in me; the detestation of the old Count Bolkonsky and Natasha’s childish betrayal, the pain of injustice, stupidity, vulgarity, and wisdom. I love this novel mostly because of my most favorite characters in fiction – Andrey Bolkonsky. His dignity and honor, the willingness to serve his country and his passion amaze me everytime I’m re-reading the novel. If you haven’t read this book, please do just for Andrey’s sake.




Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

The demonic passion of two strong characters who do not want to make concessions to each other, as the result causing suffering and not only to themselves but to the people around them. Wuthering Heights – this is the realm of gloomy, unhappy and restless characters. This is a string of human sins – cruelty, narcissism and self-pity, foolishness and spinelessness. The howling of the cold wind does not stop even on a warm, nice day in this novel.



Do you guys like reading classics?



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