Review: The Look of Love by Sarah Jio

“Amour vit en avant.”

Two days before Christmas Eve, Jane Williams receives a mysterious letter, saying she has a gift to see love. In order to be able to love and be loved in the future, she must discover six types of love before her thirty’s birthday. Jane is very skeptical about the message until she understands that the sight issues she was having since she was a child are not a physical problem as she thought but a sign she gets when she sees true love.

Jane wasn’t ready to date and was focused on the flower shop she inherited from her mother. This year is no exception and she is going to spend Christmas Eve as she always does; home, with a glass of wine and a good book.

The life of her friend Elisa seems perfect. Her husband is a successful architect, handsome and loving, caring father. They live in a gorgeous colonial house, owning a family bakery and raising beautiful girls. However, when Jane comes to dinner on Christmas day she sees to her surprise love between Elisa and her neighbor Charles.

Jane’s assistant Lo still recovering from a breakup and doesn’t want to fall in love again. She goes out with many guys and happy to be careless, until Grant enters the store. The fact that he’s married doesn’t stop them from falling in love. Although Lo promised herself to keep her heart close and protected, after meeting Grant she finally gives someone a chance.

Jane’s brother is a handsome and famous painter, he can get any girl he wants and he enjoys the attention until he sees in the window a woman from the near building. She seems so beautiful and sad; Mark sees her crying at nights and wishes to comfort her. His love turns into an obsession; he keeps watching Celeste but afraid of a disappointment of getting to know each other personally.

This novel is all about love, different types of love. Love that is not obvious, love that is reasonable, love that is unreasonable, love that grows from friendship, passionate love, unconditional love, loves that comes softly and love that swipes you from your feet. Through the story of a few different people, the reader of this novel can see how different people are and how people’s lives are. This novel is a typical chic-lit designed for the romantic souls among us that still believe in love at first sight, that first love is a forever love and that love concurs all.

I love Sara Jio’s books with great tenderness, they know how to touch my soul and bring tenderness into my life. Therefore, there’s again one of her novels in my hands…

“So much for perfect love. Because you can blink your eyes and it can vanish, without explanation, leaving you with only your memories and your tears.”

Rating: 5/5


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