Review: The Letter by Kathryn Hughes

“They’re just weeds, love, they don’t belong anywhere.’ Her granddaughter stuck out her bottom lip and furrowed her brow.
‘That doesn’t seem very nice. Everything belongs somewhere.”


When Tina married Rick, she thought she was the luckiest girl in the world, but as soon as the wedding ceremony was over, she realized how blind she was and what a monster her husband is. Always drunk, abusing, gambling Rick turned her life into hell. Tina worked for two, served her husband and hoped not to do anything that would wake the monster in him. Despite her friend’s advice, Tina couldn’t leave her husband, especially when she found out she was pregnant. After hearing the news, Rick became a new person, promising her to change his ways for the sake of their child. At the most difficult and hurtful moments of her life, she turned to one thing that gave her hope, an old letter she found in the pocket of an old jacket. The sweet words of love a boy named Billy wrote to his beloved Krissy, gave Tina strength to live. The journey to find Krissy and deliver her the letter let Tina escape her reality.


Krissy wasn’t very confident about her looks, neither she expected the most handsome boy in the neighborhood to notice her. But, he did, Billy fell madly in love with her, however, one moment of weakness and cowardice turned his life to the point of no return. When Krissy admitted Billy she was expecting a child, he ran away. When he realized what a terrible mistake he made, hurried back to propose it was too late, Krissy was sent away.

Two women, each trying to cope with their fortunes. Two loves, two destinies, two tragedies. Therefore, many life lessons, so many likable and fateful characters, enjoyable and, on the contrary, devious coincidences in life. All this entwined into one harmonious and catching book.

This book is emotionally mind-blowing. The number of difficulties, heartbreaks, emotional and physical abuses the characters were going through in the story is insane. Reading about Tina’s life with an abusing husband honestly gave me goosebumps. Krissy’s fate made me cry. How many struggles can one-person take, go through them with such dignity, and not become an angry and bitter person. Those kinds of characters I like to read about, those strong personalities are so inspiring.

“It was the small things she took pleasure in. The faint hum of a huge furry bumble bee busily flitting from one flower to another, oblivious to the fact that it was completing a task on which the entire human race depended.”

Rating: 4/5


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  1. This was such a sweet book with a great happy ending.

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