My Top 10 Auto-Buy Authors

I guess everyone has a list of those authors they automatically buy without even look at the description. I know I do. Those authors have proven to me multiple times that I’m going to enjoy everything that is written by them. And with no exceptions, I get each and every book they publish. So, being on my way to the bookstore to get the new Dan Brown’s Origin… It got me thinking that I don’t have any clue what it is about, but who cares if it’s Dan Brown, and hurried to grab a copy!

Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes is an English romance novelist and she creates an atmospheric and optimistic read with the perfect balance between the past and the present and entwines them into one perfect story. Her novels are this cozy place I want to escape to and live with the characters through their adventures. They make me dream of a vacation!

I recommend Ship of Brides, The Silver Bay, The Girl You Left Behind.

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Sarah Jio 

Sarah is a journalist and a bestselling romance author based in Seattle. Something in her stories touch my heart, over and over again with every book I read by her I have this heartwarming feel. Something in her stories always inspires me. I just actually see the kindness spreading around me.

I recommend reading The Morning Glory, Blackberry Winter, Violets in March

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Dan Brown

Dan Brown is an American author of thriller fiction. My addiction to Dan Brown’s novels begun as you can probably guess with the Da Vinci Code. Since then, I read each and every book he wrote and will write. What I like about his books is that I always learn some cute and interesting little facts, like what color is International Klein Blue. Besides his novels are like an action movie, all set in a 24-hour period, which is pretty amazing!

I recommend The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Origin.

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Philippa Gregory

No one can write historical fiction and tell about the historical figures better than Philippa Gregory. She can hook you into the story so much that you feel like you actually lived in 1500’s, in English court, intriguing against the Plantagenets. Her simple and captivating way to tell about history’s most interesting events is what makes me her biggest fan.

I recommend The White Queen, Lady of the Rivers, Three Sisters Three Queens.

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Edward Rutherfurd

Edward Rutherfurd writes epic historical novels that usually cover very very long time periods. What I like about Rutherfurd’s books is how realistic they are. Everything you ever wanted to know about a city; its history, politics, religion, social matters, wars, all these facts entwine with a fictional story of few generations and families, their relationships and love stories. All of that conclude into a wonderful, eventful and interesting novels. And they make you want to learn more!

I recommend Paris, London and The Princes of Ireland.

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Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin is romance novelist writing about World War II era. The most amazing thing about her novels is the characters she creates, who immediately become your best friends. The way she tells their stories always make me experience everything they are going through in the book; feel emotional, compassionate and personally involved with the story. The fact that she brings the characters from previous books to the new stories are even more special since you have a snick pick into the lives of beloved characters.

I recommend reading A Distant Melody, Blue Skies of Tomorrow, With Every Letter.

ADM-Official-Cover Blue-Skies-Tomorrow-Cover 9781441239754


Pam Jenoff

I love WWII fiction, and Pam Jenoff is one of the best authors to write about that time period. Each and every time she manages to open a new curtain of that part of history, telling new stories from different points of view, if it’s Jews in Poland, Nazi commandant, Polish Underground, the citizens of occupied Paris and so many more.

I recommend The Commandant’s Girl, The Diplomat’s Wife, The Last Embrace.

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Sophie Kinsella

Kinsella’s chick-lit books are the perfect recipe for a good mood. Her novels are just so amusing and adorable. Those books keep calling your name if you in the need of a good laugh and something to brighten up your day.

I recommend reading The Undomestic Goddess, Can You Keep a Secret?I’ve Got Your Number.

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Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb is a new author for me. Her novels so worth the time spent on reading due to the mysterious atmosphere she creates. Her novels remind me of some of the English classics, such as Brontë sisters, Wilkie Collins and Thomas Hardy.

I recommend The Unseen, The Misbegotten and The Legacy.

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Mary Alice Monroe 

The same as with Sarah Jio’s books, romance novelist Mary Alice Monroe gives me this pinch of daily inspiration I need. Her stories are very simple but so truthful, where everyone can find something to relate to. And that is the reason why I’m keeping coming back to her novels over and over again.

I recommend reading Time is a River, Second Star to the Right


Do you guys have Auto-buy authors?



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