Review: When Tides Turn by Sarah Sundin

When Tides Turn is the third and the last book in Waves of Freedom series.


What was it about that woman that turned the tides of his will as surely as the moon?

Quintessa Beaumont is tired of being seen as nothing but a pretty face. Time to time even her closest friends treat her as a spoiled blonde. Once Dan Avery a handsome and serious naval officer and her best friend’s big brother appears in her life and wants to avoid a sassy blond who can ruin his career, Quintessa decides that enough is enough! The war is hitting hard on Europe, US Navy fighting German U-Boats in the Atlantic and the Navy invite women to join the new unit the WAVES, she sees it as an opportunity and a chance to prove herself and the others that she’s too can be useful.

With her new job as WAVES supervisor at the Boston Navy Yard and an investigation of reviling a German spy, Tess finally finds her inspiration and qualities within herself she never knew existed. Now, no one can say she’s only fit to be a pretty sales girl.

This is my 9th book by Sarah Sundin, and I loved it as much as the others!

Points that make Sarah Sundin’s books special to me:
1. I like how the characters from previous books show up it gives a kind of feeling of a big family. And we have a chance to pick into the lives of the beloved characters. I love it about her books, a little snick pick!
2. One of the characters is usually a pretty girl no one ever took seriously and then she just shines from a completely different perspective proving she is not like she appears and much deeper, braver person than most. I love that. A lot more personality hides behind the shields. It is about Tess.
I like Tess’s determination to prove everyone including herself that she’s more than how people see her, that she’s a strong independent smart woman and deserves to be treated like one. And she does prove everybody wrong! Go, girl! I feel like it’s so much difficult at that time when the majority of people didn’t see a woman as an equal to a man and girls had to work so much harder to succeed in a career. It like this moment in the beginning of the book when Tess was talking to her boss about office position and he turned her down saying office work is not for a pretty woman unless she is a secretary. I feel so grateful to those women who fought for equality so we have now much more opportunities.

I like how she grows throughout the story, her character development is amazing and I’m so proud of her! Another reason why I like Sarah Sundin’s books, you become very attached to the characters and feel connected to them in a way.
3. Another reason I like Sarah’s novels so much. It’s not only about getting the boy (although I love the romance parts as well) but her stories are so inspiring and make me want to work harder and become a better person.

Rating: 5/5



P.S. In February 2018 comes out a new novel by Sarah, The Sea Before Us from a new D-Day series Sunrise in Normandy. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!








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