A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr

…While the sun was setting and the snow started to fall, I thought I’d never in my life seen a more beautiful place. There was a rainbow in the snow! And I wasn’t afraid, because it was just pristine and glorious. You can have all the extras in the world in the city, but this is something you just can’t buy.

A year ago Marcie’s husband Bobby passed away after three years of struggle. He was heavily injured in Iraq during a deployment. He would be dead in that moment if not the outstanding bravery of his fellow serviceman, Sergeant Ian Buchanan. Under the fire, he dragged Bobby to the nearest medical personnel and by this gave to his loved ones at home the opportunity to say goodbye. To Marcie, the chance to be near Bobby when he took his last breath is a gift she will always be grateful for. For a short exchange of letters with Ian, Marcie understood why her husband admired this man.

However, suddenly Ian was gone. He stopped replying to her letters, quit the Marines, and broke his engagement right before the wedding and disappeared.

Now Marcie is on a mission to find the man who saved her husband’s life and see if he was ok. Driving across the state when he was last seen, she arrives at a small mountain town Virgin River. The kindness of the people encourages Marcie to continue and eventually she finds Ian in an old cabin on the top of the mountain. Being hunted by guilt and insecurities, and in order to find peace, Ian distanced himself from the world, but Marcie and her determination and bubbly personality lighted up his spark again.

Let me just point out that I fell in love with Virgin River. The small town surrounded by mountains, the kindest people ever on Christmastime. Just perfect. I really want to continue reading the series, because I have an urge to know the stories of the people who appeared in this book; Jack and Melinda, Preacher, Paige, and Vanessa.

Other than that, the novel was perfectly Christmas-y, isolated cabin in the woods covered in snow, cookies exchange day, a fireplace and of course romance… It was perfectly romantic without being too cheesy.

Ok, I found a new definition of sexy; it’s a bearded marine living in the mountains chopping wood.

P.S. Be aware of chapter 10, my stomach still hurts from laughing my lungs out! Marcie and the stove. AHAHA

Rating: 5/5


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