Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

Let me just point out that I absolutely loved The Martian by Andy Weir. Although it was way out my comfort zone and I was sure I’m going to be extremely bored with the science details which is necessary for any book about space, I actually not only enjoyed it but it was one of the most memorable books for the past few years. Andy Weir has an amazing ability to talk science in a cool, fascinating and simple way. The number of facts and technical explanations was huge but I wasn’t bored even not a second! Another thing that made Andy Weir stand out for me is the main characters he creates. Needless to say that I adore Mark Watney and his hilariousness. So, I was anticipating to read this book.

Artemis is the first city on the moon. With its factories, workers, hotels, shops, criminals etc. Jazz, the protagonist is a girl who grew up on the moon and apart with troublesome teenage years, difficult relationship with her father and rebellious personality, Jazz is smart, strong-minded, hard-working young woman. She has a business of delivering illegal products from Earth to the Moon and hopes to save enough money to repay her father’s lost business, which was her fault. Suddenly, she gets an offer and a chance to earn a lot of money that would solve all of her problems. The mission is very dangerous and obviously illegal but Jazz has a brilliant plan, which doesn’t go exactly as she planned and she finds herself running away from a mafia clan. But Jazz isn’t ready to give up.

As I said before, I love Weir’s way to turn science into a lot of fun. He did an outstanding job in creating the whole system of life on the Moon to the smallest details. Very believable and realistic. I could easily imagine it all working like that in real life (I wish!).

The action was also good, kept my interest, although it wasn’t as good as in The Martian, Artemis had a younger audience vibe.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that Weir tried to be extremely politically correct, made all of the characters from non-western cultures (except Rudy), nothing wrong with that of course, but a Muslim girl with crazy sex life was hard to process. Maybe Weir was trying to break the stereotypes, but it was kind of awkward.

I’m giving it 4/5 stars because it was an enjoyable read but I didn’t like it as much as I liked The Martian.



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