Review: The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long

The trees dragged Jenny’s brother Tom into the woods and there was no sign of him for seven years. Naturally, nobody believed Jenny and her story of magical trees kidnapping Tom. She got used to the looks people were throwing at her as if she was crazy.

When Jenny loses all hope to find her brother, she comes to the place he was last seen to say goodbye and manages to enter the portal into the magic world. She finds out that Tom now serves the evil Queen and plays his flute to her. Jenny determinate to save her brother and bring him home even if he doesn’t want to go back.

Although the magical world is the most beautiful and divine place she’d ever seen with its creatures, fairies, it’s full of monsters and dangerous beyond imaginable. Jenny doesn’t know that she got into the enchanted forest for a reason. There’s a part she has to play and tough choices to make.

It’s a good book for you if you like magical fairytale retellings. I would say; Alice in Wonderland in an enchanted forest kind of story… the Evil Queen, magical creatures, and portals to our world. A book to pass time with if you want a quick, easy and relaxing read.  The first half was quite slow but as the story progressed, it got darker and more complex. Jenny was tangled in the conspiracies of the enchanted world, fought for her brother and rescued the man she loved. Some parts were quite naïve, but it’s a fairytale retelling after all. However, there were couple plot twists and things I didn’t see coming, which is always a good thing. Overall it was a nice story.

Best time to read it is into the night with a cup of herbal tea.

Rating: 3/5



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