Review: The Taster by V.S. Alexander

Magda flees Berlin and leaves her parents behind to a much safer town in Southern Germany. Her uncle and aunt, loyal Party members insist she finds a job that fits a good German woman. Soon she is offered a mysterious job, and taken to a secret residence in the German Alps. By arrival to Berghof, she is terrified to find out that she shall work as Adolf Hitler’s food taster. Being in the position he is, Fuhrer anxious about being poisoned, therefore he hires fifteen women to serve as the Tasters.

With every bite she takes, Magda feels closer to death. However, meeting a handsome SS Captain, she finds a small light of hope for a happy future. Karl and Magda grow fonder with each other, but Karl has dark secrets of his own, which can bring him down within a second. He chooses to trust Magda and together they plan the unthinkable: Hitler’s assassination.

Ok, I’m so impressed by this novel. It was very dramatic, very eventful and emotional. It kept me apprehensive from the beginning and until the end. Got very connected to the faiths of Magda and Karl, and OMG I was so worried it won’t end well because I would freak out!

I read many many many WWII novels, but it’s exciting to find new points of view on that era. I really liked the fact that this book was told from the average German citizen PVO during the war and their everyday struggles, problems, and the journey to discover how different was Hitler’s propaganda from the reality. There was a part when Magda began to question the rightness of Hitler’s unquestionable decisions and when she sees the actual footage of the mortified things happening in Auschwitz and that makes her world and everything she is supposed to believe in collapse. Then she struggles to do the right thing and to protect the people she loves. My thoughts might sound really chaotic because it’s so difficult for me to put together everything that happened in this amazing book and I’m just overwhelmed with emotions!

Bottom line, I loved it!


Rating: 5/5



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