Review: Still Me by Jojo Moyes

Louisa Clark follows Will’s advice to live her life to the fullest, be more adventurous and moves to New York. A friend helps her to get a job as an assistant to Agnes the wife of a superrich businessman Leonard Gopnik. Lou promises herself to go beyond her comfort zone, be open-minded, and say “Yes” to new experiences and opportunities. She wants to make the best of her year in New York and hopes to realize what she wants for herself in the future. The job is difficult and demanding but thanks to her bubbly personality and kind heart, Lou manages to win over her boss and gain new friends.

However, soon Lou finds herself in the middle of a love triangle, trying to balance a long-distant relationship with Ambulance Sam back home and a handsome Wall-Street Josh, who looks extremely like her first love. Her perfect fancy job gets more challenging and dramatic when she gets involved with Agnes’s secret she’s been hiding from her husband.

I was skeptical about reading this book because I must admit I’m still recovering after Will’s death. Couldn’t imagine how it can be even a little bit as good as Me Before You. Although, I still think the continuation of the story wasn’t necessary, Still Me was very enjoyable. Actually, I was kind of treating Still Me as a separate story that has nothing to do to with the first book. I don’t know if it makes sense but thinking of it as a standalone makes me like it way more than a part of a series…Does it make any sense?

I was glad to read about Louisa though. I love her character, her personality, hilariousness, kindness, joyfulness, how she always manages to get herself into all kinds of awkward situations.

As to the new character, Josh… It got me thinking if the all point of him to be in the story is to show us how Lou and Will relationship would be like if they met before his accident. All the parallels Jojo Moyes was doing between Josh and Will. What do you guys think about Josh being Will’s reincarnation?

Rating: 4.5/5



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