Review: The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin

After losing her mother and two brothers, Dorothy dedicates herself to her father and her service at the Wren, the Women’s Royal Naval Service. Her job gets more important when the D-Day approaches. As her office researches the photographs of France in order to create accurate maps and help planning the Allied invasion of Normandy. Dorothy is thrilled to know that Lawrence, her brother’s best friend who she had a crush on as a kid, serves in the same unit. He is stunning and popular and wants a fancy woman by his side. Dorothy hopes that she became the right woman for him. Although her plan to catch Lawrence’s attention seems to work, something doesn’t feel right. Especially when she befriends with Wyatt, American lieutenant working alongside with the British. Can Dorothy make the right choice between the man she loved all her life and a quiet country boy from far Texas?

I just cannot find the right words to describe how much I enjoy Sarah Sundin’s novels. The atmosphere and the romance she creates in her books are enchanting and set you on such a positive and joyful note. She makes me want to continue reading the book forever, and never go back to reality. The action is great, the struggles the characters face are believable and understandable. The plot is not boring or slow. Not overly romantic and cheesy sweet. It is simply perfect.

Let me also point out her art of creating unforgettable characters! I don’t get tired to say, that I fall in love with everybody in her novels. They all become my dear friends who I remember and cherish.  Wyatt’s honesty is admirable. He’s one of my all-time favorite characters now. Seriously, my acceptations for modern men are so high now. How am I going to live from now on?

Cannot wait to read the rest of the series. Which is following Wyatt’s brothers. I had a sneak peek at the first chapter of the second book and oh my, I need it in my life!

Rating: 5/5



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