My Favorite Fictional Mothers

To honor the International Women’s Day. I’ve decided to make a list of my most favorite and admirable fictional mothers.

Margaret March from The Little Women

Seriously, Marmee is the nicest woman in the fictional world. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend with the March family? She is such a sweet, comforting and supportive woman and mother. She is the soul of the house and could really manage to stay strong while her husband was away. Besides Marmee’s strong morals guide the girls through their lives.

Mrs. Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility

Mrs. Dashwood another kind woman in fiction I adore. She is so supportive of Elinor and Marianne. Never judging (even when Marianne got herself in trouble with an affair with Willoughby), never criticizing. It’s clearly was her mission to keep the girls safe and support them through all of their actions and desitions.

Rosa Hubermann from The Book Thief

Although Rosa doesn’t appear as a very loving and gentle mother at first. Soon it becomes clear what a good loving wife and mother she is to Hubert and their adoptive daughter Liesel (even Max). She definitely has a not very common way of showing her feelings and affection to the family members but her actions speak for themselves.

Jacquetta of Luxembourg from The White Queen

The wise woman that always stood by Elizabeth’s side. Supportive and loving, she was always there for her family even in the history’s most dark times. Passing her heritage to Elizabeth and teaches her to be a good wife, mother, and queen. She sets a great example of a devoted woman who not only puts her loved ones first but also has the morals and strength to face her family’s enemies.

Molly Weasley from Harry Potter

Molly is the jolly spirit of the Weasley household. I can still picture them all (accompanied by Harry of course) gather around the stove where Molly cooks (operates) lovely dinner. Molly not only takes care of her own million children but also makes Harry always welcomed to her home. What a warm, loving, caring mother Molly is, be careful the one who dares to threaten her kids. Admirable!


Guys, who are your favorite fictional mothers?



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