Review: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Ernt, Cora and thirteen-year-old Leni Allbright never stayed long in one place. Especially after the Ernt returned from Vietnam, and was trying to adjust to the life back home. Leni cannot recall how many times she was a new girl at school, she got used to loneliness. But deep inside she was longing for a friend. Just one friend. Soon the Cora and Leni find themselves on their way to Alaska. A small town in the middle of nowhere. Following Ernt’s idea of a perfect life for them.

They seem to settle down, the neighbors are more than nice, Leni even meets a boy her age who soon becomes her best friend, the views are fascinating, nature is mesmerizing and spending time away from the big world seems like a good idea.

However, their idyllic life on the land’s end doesn’t last long as they hoped. The very long winter and the solitude often wake the darker side of a man. Cora and Leni will have to make difficult decisions not only for finding happiness but to survive.

Guys, this novel is so good, honestly. So powerful and heartbreaking. The author did a marvelous job to transport the reader to the heart of Alaska, with its nature, views, sounds, scents, and moods. The captivating story of a family dealing with some difficult issues, struggling between right and wrong. The kind and helping the community, friendships, first love, last love, hope, dreams, bravery; all of these are the heart and soul of this novel. The novel that shows the darkest and the brightest sides of people.

This book broke my heart several times and I was sobbing through most of it, but it leaves you with a good and hopeful aftermath. The book got me disconnected from the world for two days! Could not put it down and could not stop thinking about it when I had to take a break from reading.

In conclusion, this novel is a hurricane of emotions, be prepared to cry and laugh, and cry again. A week later after finishing and I still have goosebumps thinking about it.




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