Review: The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

“This was the kind of home that was safely hidden from the eyes of those who could not afford to live this way. That’s what wealth does for you, she thought. It gives you the means and the power to remain concealed from the world if you choose – or if you need to.”

Amber Patterson has a goal. To have the perfect Mrs. Parrish’s life. Daphne is beautiful, successful, respected, extremely rich, married to the most handsome man ever. She lives in a dream house. What makes Amber furious is that Daphne takes all that for granted. Amber, on the other hand, would know how to live this kind of life properly. She is determinate to do anything it takes to be in Daphne’s place. She forces a plan to get closer to the Parrishes, she learns everything she can about their lives and becomes obsessed with her mission. Daphne seems not to notice that Amber uses her to get closer to her husband and treats Amber as her best friend. But is the perfectly calculated plan is going the way Amber wants? Can she foresee the unexpected, can she outsmart everyone and get the life she dreams about?

“Dating as a means to getting to know someone is highly overrated. When your hormones are raging and the attraction is magnetic, your brain takes a vacation. He was everything I never knew I needed.”

This book is insane! It was a fast pacing page-turner, but OMG it was also disturbing. I didn’t read the full synopsis beforehand, so I didn’t have any clue about what it is going to be about. I enjoyed the first half a lot, but the second half blew my mind and I couldn’t put it down. Also, the plot twist in the middle of the book just shook my universe. Clearly, I was expecting something to happen, and it was the most satisfying development I could ever wish for. Honestly, so good.

Now to the disturbing part. The amount of violence, harassment and physical and emotional abuse was huge. My heart just breaks to pieces when I read about domestic violence and it’s obviously isn’t the most enjoyable topic to pass your time reading about.

But the best thing about this novel is Daphne. Such a strong and remarkable woman, who went through so much but could stay strong for her daughters and also stand up for herself. I really like to read about smart and powerful women. It gives me such a sense of pride.


Rating: 4/5


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