Review: Out from Egypt Series by Connilyn Cossette

sadasdCounted With the Stars. The world of Kiya, a daughter of the wealthy merchant in Iunu, Egypt collapses the moment she was sold into slavery by her own father. Losing her family and freedom, Kiya must learn to survive in the new reality. The only thing that keeps Kiya afloat is her friendship with a Hebrew slave Shira. They support each other through the miserable days of serving the cruel mistress.

However, more challenges await. A man claims he is a savior and the liberator of the Hebrews. Moses gives hope to the Hebrew slaves in Egypt who were enslaved for hundreds of years. Finally, they have hope to be free. As the ten plagues hit Egypt, Kiya sees an opportunity to escape. In order to save her brother, Kiya flees Egypt with her new friends. However, how would this journey end? Would Kiya finally be free?


dsfsdfThe second novel Shadow of the Storm starts off where the first ended. Nearly a year passed since the Hebrews fled Egypt and their journey in the desert continues. More and more people begging to doubt in the path Moses and God lead them and lose faith. Shira is trying to fight the demons of the past. After living through hell in Egypt and devastating consequences that follow her to the desert, she is struggling to find her purpose and happiness. Once she becomes a midwife and meets Eyal, she finally sees a bright future for herself. However, can she leave her past behind and move on? Can she accept Eyal’s past and forgive him?


WingsoftheWind_rd1.inddWings of the Wind. Forty years in the desert and the people are desperate to settle down on the Promised Land. As the battles with Canaan continue, the disagreements among Hebrew grow. Alanah is a Canaanite. She lost her family during the battles and she wants to fight the Hebrews. Despite her motivation and training, she wasn’t ready to face the horrors of the battlefield. Injured and devastated she was saved by a Hebrew warrior Tobiah whom she must marry in order to survive in the enemy camp. Can Alanah and Tobiah trust each other, set aside their differences, and be happy?

This series was very fascinating. It was the first series I’ve read based on a biblical story. And I loved it. The plot hooked me from the beginning and the pages flew by so quickly. The novel was much researched and I the plot was supported by accurate biblical details that made the story sound so real and true. I immediately found myself enchanted with the characters. They were multidimensional; each had a rich background and well-developed personalities. I enjoyed following their journey from Egypt through the desert, and not only the physical journey but also an emotional journey from slavery to free people. It was a delight to see all of them finding their place, purpose, faith, and love. I connected to the characters so much, and genuine was excited to see them find happiness. I enjoyed the series so much. Definitely going to check out the other series by Connilyn Cossette, she did a marvelous job!


Rating: 5/5


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