Review: Wives of War by Soraya M. Lane

Scarlet left her privileged life and joins the Red Cross in order to find her fiancé Thomas, who’s gone missing somewhere in France. During her journey to Normandy, she befriends with two different women. Ellie, Irish, poor and determinate to help the men on the battlefield. Lucy a hardworking and experienced nurse, who dreams of becoming a doctor. Together they try fulfilling their duty and surviving the horrible battles in northern France.

I wanted so bad to love this book! Plot-wise it had so much potential. Three women coming from different backgrounds meet on the battlefield in Normandy. I was expecting to read an inspiring story of brave women who could leave their safe homes to follow their men to war and fight alongside with them.

I’m so sad and angry, the novel didn’t meet my expectations at all!

First, I didn’t feel that the writing is accurate to the time period. I cannot imagine a lady from upper-class in Britain addressing a man who she just met by his first name! I didn’t feel I was reading about the 40’s more like contemporary high school kind of read. Also, I can’t see how she would spill all of the details of her personal life to a complete stranger on a train station! What about the manners? The characters were cliché and so over the top. If Ellie is supposed to be this funky, bubbly, all positive kind of girl, so she giggles, jokes and laughs ALL THE TIME even in the most inappropriate moments. In fact, I didn’t believe any of the instant friendships between them. So as the instant love between the girls and their men. One look at the guy and OMG he’s so handsome, she’s in love and she doesn’t care about nursing, war effort, and her life goals.

Secondly, I’m sorry but it’s not historical fiction but a very cheesy romance. The focus is mainly on flirting. They seemed so independent and wanting to contribute to the war effort at the beginning but it ended up being only about getting a man. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a bit of romance in my historical fiction but this book is about flirting with soldiers/doctors and nothing else! Imagine a picture: a battlefield, soldiers bleeding to death, shooting, bombing, and Ellie is thinking, “Doctor Handsome smiled at me.” Scarlet is thinking, “I can’t pick between the two men! #EyeRoll

Overall, the drama and the plot “twists” were very predictable and I felt like the author is looking for the easy ways to solve the conflicts. Very disappointing…


Rating: 1/5


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