Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


Evelyn Hugo the most famous and glamorous Hollywood icon of the decade. Her way to the top was difficult and eventful. Everyone is dying to know more about her career but even more about her personal life because Evelyn had seven husbands. Now Evelyn finally raises the curtain to her past and ready to tell all. Her way of being a poor immigrant to the most beautiful and desired woman in the world. And more importantly, who of seven husbands was the love of her life?

Well, what can I say…? The novel sounded very promising and it wasn’t bad, however at some point, I got really exhausted.

It was exceedingly loaded with drama so I felt tired of it and I didn’t care anymore. I was counting husbands and wishing to get to the seventh and be done with it. But another shocking revealing that wasn’t shocking at all and me rolling my eyes again. Like the author was trying to put every possible scenario in the book but I felt like it had too much stuff going on and you lose your interest because what else can happen?

In addition, I felt like the characters were cliché personalities and I didn’t connect to anyone. Except for Harry (husband #5) maybe. He was the only decent person and he appealed to me. Others were so dull.  Evelyn was ok but again I didn’t care for her nor for her romances.

What the book was trying to show us? How independent and strong woman Evelyn was? But is she? Because she never really stood up for what she really wanted, always kept the facade and the appearance of the glorious life. Evelyn judges Max (husband #6) for wanting to show her off and cared about the image of him with Evelyn Hugo by his side but she herself did the same thing for her entire life; showing off, pretending and faking.

So bottom line, the story of Evelyn Hugo didn’t touch or move me, I didn’t dislike it either. I just didn’t care. The only thing I liked it the behind of scenes to the glamorous Hollywood life, that was interesting. And Harry.

Rating: 3/5


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  1. auroraanna says:

    I was very intrigued by this book but don’t know why I wasn’t in a hurry to read it and now reading your thoughts I guess I know why😁,thank you for your review ❤💚

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    1. Victoria says:

      I’m glad I was helpful! xoxo

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