Review: Replica by Lauren Oliver


Gemma is an average teenage girl. Sometimes her life seems like a nightmare, she lacks confidence, she mocked by popular girls, boys don’t pay any attention to her, her parents are strict and concentrated in their own matters. Gemma’s only comfort is her best friend April, with whom she shares everything. One-day Gemma’s life changes completely, she overhears her parents’ conversation about a secret her father has. It links to the mysterious and secretive Haven Institute in Florida. No one knows what kind of experiments are done there, no one stepped a foot in it and the people who work there keep silent. Gemma is determinate to discover the truth about Haven and understand how her birth is connected to it.

Lyra, number 24, is a replica, a clone; she was created in Haven and lived her entire life within its walls. No one treats the replicas as humans; they are only experiments, called by numbers. No one expects them to feel anything, to want to learn and to have any emotions. One day Lyra and a boy number 72 get a chance to escape and to see what lies beyond the institute walls and discover the truth about Haven. Lyra has so many questions and the meeting with Gemma would reveal her the truth about her birth.

I enjoy Lauren Oliver’s books; she manages to pull me into her stories right away from the first pages. The book is written in two parts from both Lyra and Gemma POVs and the reader can decide to either read each narrative separately or go back and forth. I read back and forth and really liked it. There were a couple of scenes duplicating in both narratives but I wasn’t bothered and quite enjoyed reading the same scene from two different PVOs.

I liked the plot, the action and both Gemma and Lyra’s personalities. It was a very interesting idea very well executed. As I said before, I enjoy Lauren Oliver’s writing, style, and the stories she creates. Although I cannot say that the mystery is super mysterious, and it was easy for me to guess where it all was heading, I reached for the second book Ringer as soon as I finished the first one. It was good, however, the first one I enjoyed way more.

Rating: 5/5


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