Review: If Not for You by Debbie Macomber

Beth grew up under her mother’s constant control; how to dress, what to do, who to date, those decisions were always made for her. Finally, Beth decides to stand up for herself and start living the way she wants. With the support of her dear aunt Sunshine, Beth leaves Chicago and moves to Portland, gets a job as a music teacher at the local school, and begins to make her own choices.
Her life turns upside down when after a disastrous date with Sam; she gets in a car accident and the man she just turned down helps her. Beth spends the next couple of weeks in the hospital and Sam visits her every day. They soon begin to develop deep feelings for each other. But Beth knows Sam is not the kind of guy her bossy mother will approve and Sam said he’s not into relationships.

Normally I enjoy Debbie Macomber novels, they are like a huge Teddy bear made of cotton candy and chocolate syrup; super sweet and fluffy. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need to cheer up.
This novel though was a bit meh and hnngh… Mostly because of the main character Beth. To say the least, I didn’t like her at all. It’s one thing to be nice and naïve but to be just a simple spineless idiot is another. Her digging into other people’s business was very annoying and cringy. Handle your own life, it’s not perfect you got some serious issues, and stop messing with your aunt’s past. Especially when she asked you not to. Especially when you know it’s painful for her. But no! Our dear Beth just curious to find out what happened years ago and release all the demons. The same she did to her boyfriend. I was so angry while I was reading, I almost tore the book apart.
The only thing that saved this book and it managed to stay whole was the mention of Rocco and Nichole from The Girl’s Guide to Moving On the previous novel in the New Beginnings series. I loved that book and was so happy to see what happened in my favorite characters’ lives since then.

Rating: 2/5 (One for Nichole and one for Rocco).


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