Review: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen


Some people don’t know how to fall in love, like not knowing how to swim. They panic first when they jump in. Then they figure it out.

The novel follows two very different sisters who get together after many years under the same roof and have to learn to be a family again. Somehow, they manage to get closer and partly because of the magic that is in Waverley family for many generations.

Sydney escapes her abusive boyfriend and returns to her hometown, the place she never thought she would return to. However, it’s the only place she and her daughter Bay can feel safe at. The Waverley estate is mysterious and full of magic. Everyone in town knows that the Waverley garden is special and the apple tree can show people their future. Some people are drawn to the mysterious Waverley family but most of them are frightened. Claire unlike her sister never wanted to leave the Bascom, North Carolina. She took care of the family house and could make the garden work for her advantage as she manages a successful catering business. Her gift helps her to create some delicious treats that have a magical effect on people (shhh… it’s a secret).

But surprises were nothing new to her. Like opening a can of mushroom soup and finding tomato instead; be grateful and eat it anyway.

It’s a very sweet and adorable novel. The small town charm mixed with a pinch of magic and a lot of romance will set you in the coziest fall mood. This book is about family, about accepting yourself and your roots, about love and that happiness at some point, finds everyone and most of the time when they least expect it. Each of the Waverley sisters has to overcome their fears. Sydney has to learn to forgive and Claire to let go of the past and trust others.

I enjoyed the characters and the small special details the author shared about each of them; Evanelle and her unexpected gifts, Fred, Bay and of course the star of the novel the apple tree! If you in the mood for a light, enchanting and sentimental read with a guaranteed happy ending, you’ll enjoy this book.

It was like the way you wanted sunshine on Saturdays, or pancakes for breakfast. They just made you feel good.

Rating: 4.5/5


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