Favorite Fall Movies vol. 2

In Fall I’m in such a romantic mood and I must watch the sweetest movies ever! The perfect fall movie has to be: predictable, kind, heartwarming, extremely emotional and sentimental and very very romantic. A happy ending is a must too! So, here is my list of a few movies I like to rewatch every fall and sob in the end when the couple kisses at sunset!

Falling for Vermont

A successful writer wakes up after a car accident in a small town in Vermont. A charming doctor and his two children trying to help her to get her memories back. A romantic story set in a beautiful and cozy town!




You’ve Got Mail

A bookshop owner struggles to keep her shop afloat when a huge store is about to open around the corner. She regularly exchanges mail letters with a stranger who seems to be her soulmate. But what if she actually knows him in real life and she hates him?




All of My Heart

A sweet and romantic story of two people inheriting the same house and a goat. Being stuck together Jenny and Brian soon fall in love and the adventure begins! I love Lacey Chabert, she’s adorable!

All of My Heart Inn Love Final Photo Assets



Love Comes Softly

A young woman loses her husband and finds herself alone in the middle of nowhere. In order to find a shelter for the winter, she has to marry a widower and a father to a strongminded girl. The sweetest, most romantic and heartwarming movie ever!

Final Photo Assets



Pumpkin Pie Wars

The story follows a Pumpkin Pie Bake-off. Two rival families and bakeries compete in the pumpkin pie contest for years, until they pass the torch to the next generation Casey and Sam who decide to work together (and fall in love in the process).




Harvest Moon

A spoiled city girl whose father has bankrupted has to move to a farm and learn to work and earn the money herself. To her surprise, it was not as hideous as she thought especially when the farm manager is so charming!



Harvest Moon Final Photo Assets



2 Comments Add yours

  1. SOMDReigel says:

    I’ve watched all the movies you’ve listed and they are some of my favs too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Victoria says:

      That’s awesome!🤗


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