Review: Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

Nova or by her villain name Nightmare has one goal; to revenge her family’s death and bring the heroes down. Many years ago, the Renegades broke their promise of keeping Nova’s family safe and since then she lived with only one purpose.

When she finally has a chance to vengeance, she manages to get closer to the Renegades, working side by side and spying on them. Keep your enemies close they say, and Nova is waiting to the right moment to make the move. However, the longer she works with the Renegades and especially with her new teammates: it gets harder for her to hate them. Even harder when Adrian the team leader is so nice and friendly with her. How can he be one of the heroes she despises?

Her own friends the villains begin to question Nightmares loyalties.

So, the sequel continues following Nova with her attempts to spy after the Renegades by pretending one of them. She constantly struggling to stay focused on her vengeance mission and figure out her personal feelings. I must say everything Nova does feels sooo awkward. Her, trying to be a hero and then she remembers that she’s not supposed to like it. Then she remembers her friends the Villains who kind of suspect her loyalties are switching, but there is also Adrian who is super cute. The bottom line is Nova’s live is complicated.

I love Marissa Meyer so much and all her books including The Lunar Chronicles and Heartless, I was certain I was going to love The Renegades series but… It was ok. Just ok! I’m so sad! Because I expected it to be extraordinary!  Give me a minute, guys… going to grab some tissues.

Nothing really happened in the sequel. I feel like by the end of the book the plot didn’t shift in any direction. There wasn’t any action… no one really developed anywhere…

However, for whatever reason, I did not dislike it. The side characters saved the day: Honey, Oscar, Max, Leroy and Adrian’s dads are major babes. Moreover, what Marissa Mayer does the best is world building. Her novels just come alive and seem so right, logical and familiar. If she wrote a grocery list, I would like it too. I’m definitely going to continue with the series, I’m curious how this going to end and I want more of Hugh and Simon. I think it’s the most confusing review ever, believe me, I’m even more confused about the series because I enjoyed it but I also see so many issues. I need help in figuring this out!

Rating: 4/5 because it’s Marissa Meyer and I’m obsessed.


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