Review: Courage to be Counted by Eleri Grace


Vivian is a strongminded independent woman, who is not afraid to join the Red Cross. As she waiting for her new easement overseas, she meets a handsome pilot Jack who also wants to contribute and take part in the war effort. They romance bloom very quickly, since they don’t have long time before they ship to the war. They try to make the most of the last peaceful days and spend an incredibly romantic day in New York.

It happens that they both stationed in England and can continue seeing each other. Now both Vivian and Jack face new challenges, as they struggle with keeping their relationship working and facing the awful realities of the war. They both have to face the horrifying consequences of the battles, dealing with loses, adapt to changes, support each other in the worst circumstances and learn to forgive and to love each other no matter what.

What I liked about the novel the most is how beautiful and accurate the era was described. From the first pages, I was transported to that time and it felt truthful and realistic. And that date in NY was so romantic and atmospheric! I just wanted to watch a bunch of old movies from the era (I did actually…), wear red lipstick and swing to jazz melodies.

However, there was also a couple of things that bothered me. First of all, the steamy scenes reminded me of Sarah J. Maas, in an awkward way, if you know what I mean… I didn’t like that one particular really long and cringy, detailed sex scene… Like OK, I get it the couple is in love but seven pages are just too much.

Secondly, there were a couple of moments when I was rolling my eyes at the drama. Like when a character thinks she knows better and decides to mind other people’s business. That just triggers me every single time!

Overall it was a well written, atmospheric book. Except for a couple of moments I’ve mentioned, I enjoyed it. Also, Jack is a bae ❤

Rating: 3.5/5


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