Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Victorian England. London is stunned by the horribly terrifying murders of young women. The murderer not only hunts his victims on the dark streets of London but he also cruelly cuts open their bodies. Scotland Yard comes to a dead end, with no clues that can lead them to the monster, they desperately search for any suspects.
Audrey Rose Wadsworth is a young girl from a wealthy family. She sneaks out of the house in order to help her uncle with his studies. Forensic medicine is not a study for a young woman, and Audrey Rose does her best to keep her studies in secret. When a mysterious murderer walks free, she feels like she has to do something. Together with a charmingly handsome Thomas Cresswell, they start their own investigation that leads to shocking reveals.

I expected to love this novel since it has all the elements I usually enjoy in books; Victorian era, mystery, detective, dark and moody atmosphere, secrets, and romance. However, the book wasn’t that fascinating. The real action began towards the last third of the book, right when I almost gave up on it. Although I liked the idea, I didn’t really care about any of the characters. Audrey was supposed to be this smart girl investigating murder case when the police had any lead, but she didn’t find anything!  Except for the author telling us she’s very intelligent for a woman in that time period, I didn’t see her use any of her brilliance. The big reveal at the end was just a coincidence.

Also, the characters felt kind of flat. Especially Thomas. He was very handsome and kind of smart but mostly handsome, and? That’s it? In the beginning, he acted like a jackass but why? What’s his story? I guess he was in the book so Audrey Rose could blush. The author mentioned some info about him and his past (his mother thing) but it was thrown out there with no further development.

The Ripper… There was one character who was described as the kindest and good among the sinners and the bad people. Guess who the murderer was? That was just too predictable.

I’ll give the second book a chance because maybe things get better and I’ll see more of the characters. The plot of Hunting Prince Dracula sounds very interesting, so I hope the series will redeem itself.

Rating: 3/5

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