Review: The Sky Above Us by Sarah Sundin


Adler Paxton left his home in Texas the night the terrible accident happened, the night his fiancé died. He ruined his life, his relationship with his parents, betrayed his younger brother Clay and almost killed his older brother Wyatt. Adler is certain that there is no way back home for him. He decides to join the US 357th Fighter Group and fight along with the allied.

Violet follows her dream of becoming a missionary in Africa like her aunt, and that dream leads her to join the Red Cross. However sometimes things don’t go as planned, and Violet is assigned to an Airbase in England. When these two meet on their way to England, an instant attraction sparks between them. However, Adler is still heartbroken and the weight of guilt doesn’t let him move on. Violet is focused on her dream and can’t let anything to stand on her way. With the D-Day approaching, Violet and Adler must face their fears, mistakes and deal with their pasts.

I never get tired to praise Sarah Sundin’s novels! I tried to stretch the reading for as long as I could. I didn’t want this book to end! I enjoyed this book so much, especially the wonderful and relatable characters. Both Violet and Adler’s faiths felt very personal and moving. A couple of times I had to put the book down and to have a break because it was very emotional. I can’t wait to read the last book in the series about the third Paxton brother Clay. I’m sure it’s going to be marvelous. Sarah Sundin has an amazing ability to create very emotional, touching and heartwarming stories. Her novels praise friendship, loyalty, faith, duty, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and of course love. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day novel, which left me with sweet aftermath. I’m so sad it’s ended…

Rating: 5/5


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