Review: Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir

A novel of Lady Jane Grey, also known as the Nine-Days Queen.

Being a sixteen-year-old girl, Jane is not interested in the glamorous court life. What she cares about are her studies and her books. She believes that the right to the throne of England belongs to Mary Tudor, as King Henry VIII’s eldest child. She is loyal to the Queen and wants only to serve her and mind her own business. However, her avaricious, selfish and hunger for power parents, decide otherwise. After a roller coaster of court intrigues, Jane finds herself in the English throne. Next thing she knows she is in the Tower accused by Queen Mary I of treason to the crown. The novel covers a quite long-time period and Jane’s life from the age of four to her execution at seventeen.

I enjoyed this novel, as much as I usually enjoy all of Alison Weir’s novels. Jane Grey is a very interesting and intriguing historical figure and I like reading about her. Jane was beautifully portrayed. The author made a good job of creating a deep and multidimensional main character. Thanks to that, Jane’s story felt so captivating and I could get to know her, her thoughts, emotions, things that she liked and her hopes and dreams. Right from the very first page I was hooked to the story and couldn’t stay indifferent to Jane’s faith. Knowing the ending of her story made the book even more tragic because the author made me like Jane and connect to her. I felt so bad for this young and innocent girl, who was unfortunately tangled in an awful net of court conspiracies, which led her to a most horrible and tragic end.

To be honest I got all emotional when I was reading this book. I feel like I just lost a dear friend. Totally agree with the quote on the front cover “If you don’t cry at the end, you have a heart of stone.” Alison Weir is definitely becoming one of my favorite authors, beware Philippa Gregory!

Rating: 5/5


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