Review: Wild Savage Stars by Kristina Pérez

The second book in the series of the epic retelling of Tristan and Eseult myth begins right where the first ended. A long and dangerous journey from Iveriu to Kernyv is coming to an end. Branwen accompanies Eseult to her new home where the princess is going to marry King Marc. Branwen is still trying to recover after the terrible betrayal by her two dearest people. In Kernyv she faces new challenges as she tries to uphold the peace between the two kingdoms. Especially when the peace is threatened by the rival kingdom and also by Eseult who doesn’t want to cooperate and doesn’t take her duty seriously. Branwen must also face some personal challenges. She must deal with her broken heart and her new growing magical powers.

Branwen really grew as a character throughout both of the books. And in Wild Savage Stars she is awesome. Strong and confident, she’s no one’s fool, no one’s marionette. I had a feeling that she is the one who truly manipulates and acts for the kingdoms’ welfare. Branwen carries everything on her shoulders and must rescue her cousin from trouble each and every time. Eseult was such an annoying character… At some point, I got very tired of her and wished she would run away somewhere and take Tristan with her. Branwen’s character is so above them. She is motivated by honor and duty and love for her homeland and she works hard and sacrifices a lot for the greatest things; for the people and peace. She is admirable, while Eseult in comparison, is winy and annoying. She is definitely a better princess than Eseult and I hope the plot goes somewhere in that direction in the third book. Hopefully! Branwen should be the Queen!

Tristan also disappointed me. For most of the book I couldn’t understand his motivations and what exactly his role in all of this is. In comparison to his brothers, Roan and Marc who were intriguing and multidimensional Tristan was very very boring and bland.

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next book, because the cliff hangers at the end are killing me!

Rating: 5/5

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