Mata Hari’s Last Dance by Michelle Moran

Margaretha Zelle MacLeod arrives in Paris with the only goal to become a famous dancer. She is struggling to accept her father’s betrayal, abandonment, and the heartbreak. But she is in Paris now, the city that can make her succeed or break her. With the help of a powerful socialite, she manages to become one of the most famous dancers in the world. She is exotic, intriguing, and very soon gains the admiration of the Parisian men. However, there’s no such thing as enough money, success, and admiration for Mata Hari. She begins touring around Europe with the most extravagant and outrageous performances. She shines on the stages of the world-famous theaters. But the glamorous life is not always a happy life. Mata Hari has everything she ever wanted except the things that really matter. She finally understands the value of the things and people she left behind. Now she is trying to make things right. She is fighting to have her daughter with her. Long ago they were separated and she finally gathers the courage to face the people she was so long escaping. Soon Mata Hari is accused of treason. Is she really guilty or she was just a tool in the hands of the power-hungry men who would do anything to reach their goals?

The story of Mata Hari always intrigued me. Just an average girl from The Netherlands, who managed to become a famous dancer performing in the most prestigious stages. Her childhood was tough and she marries very at the age of eighteen to a cruel and violent man. Her youth left multiple scars on her mental health. She was dealing with many issues; abandonment, cruelty, physical and mental abuse, the lack of compassion and love. She was living the most glamorous life in Paris, she was accused of espionage. How can a story be even more captivating?

The novel was really good, although it was way too short. Only 288 paged to describe the life of that fascinating woman.  I would’ve wanted more depth and details. There’s so much to tell! It’s a shame that the author kept big parts of Mata Hari’s life out. When I finished the book, I couldn’t believe that was it. There was a glimpse into Mata’s childhood but it wasn’t enough to truly understand where she was coming from. I understand that the book focuses mainly on the last part of her life because it’s her Last Dance. However, her entire life is so interesting. I read many novels by Michelle Moran and I trust her capability of creating detailed fascinating epic stories. I’m frustrated that the novel ended so quickly…

Rating: 4/5



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  1. Anna Aurora says:

    This sounds interesting, going on my TBR 🤔


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