Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

One early July morning in 1837 eighteen-year-old Alexandrina Victoria becomes the Queen of the most influential country in the world. She is young, sentimental, and romantic and she finally gets the freedom she was longing for. Being raised by a strict mother, whose only goal was to guard and protect the delicate mind of a girl, Victoria was constantly watched. The moment she becomes a Queen she can do absolutely anything she wants. Victoria faces many challenges. She is now responsible for the wellbeing of the people in the country, must prove her capability to the serious men of the Parliament, must gain respect and be taken seriously. All of these things are difficult to accomplish when you’re just a woman and a very young woman. People see her as an inexperienced, lightheaded child, who is too short to sit on the throne and wearing a crown too big for her head. Nevertheless, Victoria is determined to prove them all wrong. She finds her voice and follows her instincts and working hard to do the best she can in ruling a glorious country. She befriends with the Prime Minister Lord Melbourne, whom she calls Lord M. Their friendship thrives on mutual respect and sympathy. Soon Victoria suspects it’s not only friendship that connects them, but she must remember she’s a Queen now and despite her deep feelings and wishes there are still things that she is not allowed to do.

there is nothing wrong in talking quietly; it only makes people listen harder.

The novel focuses on the two first years of Queen Victoria’s reign. The time when she was young and hasty, and only beginning her long and successful reign. Victoria faces many challenges, she wants to be taken seriously, wants people to stop treating her as a child, and to be surrounded by people she can trust. She has many new duties to attend, but at the same time, Victoria is just a young woman who wants to be with the man she loves.

I enjoyed this novel. It succeeded in showing the struggles that an eighteen-year-old girl is facing when she has to balance the seriousness of ruling a country and her personal struggles as a young woman, who is emotional and longing for freedom and romantic adventures. Although their relationship with Lord M is based on the author’s imagination, I’m there for it! I absolutely loved them together and wished it was true. But obviously, Victoria finds the love of her live Albert and they live long and happy life together, I just have a huge crush on Lord M. I loved Victoria’s personality and found her and absolutely remarkable and dashing. The only thing that made me give the book four stars instead of five is that I would’ve loved to see more dynamic and action. Just a tiny bit.

Rating: 4/5


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