The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin

Leah Jones is working as a librarian at an army base in Tennessee. Ever since she lost her parents and was separated from her sister, she’s been struggling to find her place. In the orphanage, she felt an outsider and the time with the adoptive family was a nightmare. There she was a stranger who doesn’t deserve to be loved and cared for. Starting the new job at the library she hoped for a fresh start. She could meet new people even become friends with some and finally belong somewhere. Leah actually does meet a very special person. Private Clay Paxton trains very hard to join the Rangers. He hopes to ship with the unit to Europe and be part of the Allied invasion in Normandy. Aside from very difficult training, he deals with some personal drama. A few years ago he was betrayed by his two elder brothers. On one horrifying night, they took all his dreams away. Since that day Clay lost all hope to be whole again. With no more purpose to live he hopes to go to Europe and die on the battlefield. Once he meets Leah, they both feel an instant connection. Somehow they understand each other and can share their deepest secrets and feelings. And when Clay saves Leah’s life they become bounded even more. With Clay leaving to train in England and as the D-Day approaching, Leah understands that she finally found what she was looking for. But what if it’s too late? Clay soon will face great danger, and what if he doesn’t even love her back?

I think God would say he believes in libraries. Think about how the Lord loves words. He spoke the universe into being, and He gave us His word both in written form and living form. Since the Lord knows everything, I reckon that makes Him the ultimate library.

Finally, I was able to lay my hands on the third and final book in the Sunrise in Normandy series. The series follows three Paxton brothers. I was looking forward to reading about Clay. Both Adler and Wyatt were amazing and their stories moved me so much but Clay… He went through a lot and I was excited to finally read from his perspective. As I’ve mentioned it for million timed before, Sarah Sundin creates the characters you immediately fall in love with and from page one you consider them your best and dearest friends. Clay and Leah are so sweet and I enjoyed every second of their romance. I loved watching them overcome their insecurities and fears and was happy for Clay when he resolved the issue with his brothers. The ending is extremely satisfying. I’m only sad that the series is over and there are no Paxton brothers left to read about.

Rating: 5/5



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