A Fire Sparkling by Julianne MacLean

Gillian Gibbons flees New York after an outrageous betrayal by her boyfriend. Taking the time to evaluate her life, she returns to her childhood home, where she is welcomed by her grandmother Vivian and her father Edward. The situation complicates when they discover a pack of old photographs, where grandma Vivian is posing with a Nazi officer. Edward was told his father is a British official and aristocrat who died during the Blitz. He even remembers living in a big manor in the countryside. How is it possible his mother was involved with a German man? Overwhelmed and curious they reach to Vivian for some answers. Here begins a long-forgotten, tragic story of war, betrayal, heartbreaks, hope, and second chances. The story of a young woman in London during the war that takes an unexpected turn when she meets a handsome aristocrat. The tragedies that follow the Blitz and the discovery of secrets that are better to stay hidden.

This novel is going to leave you speechless. The twist and turns of the plot are not only unexpected but truly shocking and heart wrenching. The story of Vivian is full of unfortunate consequences and mischiefs. The horrors of the war that challenge the spirits of people and question their loyalties are not to be taken lightly. The story of these characters won’t leave anyone indifferent. The author could create an atmosphere of a war-torn world, where tragedies strike on every corner. It was such a dynamic and intense read. Once you begin reading you won’t be able to put the book down.

I also really liked the characters. They are all very reliable and I could actually feel the struggles and pain they were through. The book left me wordless and overwhelmed and it took me a while to calm down, wipe my tears away, and get back to normal life. It’s such an influential story!

It’s is extremely difficult to write about this book because there are so many twists I should keep to myself. I feel like my review is very short but other than saying that it’s an amazing book please go read it I can’t say anything because I’m afraid to spoil the plot!!

Rating: 5/5


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