A Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer

Hannah Richards finally has an opportunity to turn her dream into reality. When a wealthy lady leaves her a small inheritance, Hannah is able to open a dress shop she always wanted. Sewing was her passion for ages and she is really good at designing and making wonderful dresses. By arriving at Coventry Texas she is full of excitement and anticipation. Hannah is willing to establish her new store, befriend the locals, and make her business successful. However, not everyone in town is happy with the newcomer. J.T. Tucker doesn’t want to have anything to do with the pretty young lady who in his opinion is interested only in superficial things. Hannah looks like the woman he was trying to avoid. The one who reminds him of his mother, who betrayed his father and cherished pretty things and wealth more than her family and true values. J.T. is doing everything he can to avoid Hannah but for whatever unknown reason the faith keeps putting her in his path. Is it possible that he was wrong about her all along? Is there more to Hannah Richards than her beautiful clothing?

It was amazing how the right words spoken by a man could soothe insecurities.

It’s such a wonderful and inspiring story. Both Hannah and J.T. are marvelous characters and they learn a lot about themselves and each other. They leave behind their misconceptions and open their hearts to new experiences and emotions. I like how determined and passionate Hannah was about her business. Being a young woman and starting a business all by herself in a new town is challenging enough, but she managed to be courageous and strong-minded and her kindness won over the people of the town. Even J.T. who was suspicious about her, couldn’t stay indifferent to her lively and compassionate personality. I enjoyed watching the dynamic between the two. How they grow to accept each other’s flaws and leave behind their prejudices’. This novel is such a heartwarming and peaceful read. I liked the setting of the small town and the caring community. Moreover, the romance was simply adorable and sweet.

Rating: 5/5


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