Shelter of the Most High by Connilyn Cossette

On one mortifying day, Sofea and her cousin Prezi are taken by sea pirates and forced to flee their island of Sicily into the unknown. As they board the ship that would take them far away they look back at what is left of their destroyed village. There is no one left in their lives except each other. After the long journey across the sea, Sofea and Prezi arrive at a distant shore of Canaan, a country they never heard of. Not knowing what is awaiting and who they can trust they begin another journey. In the city of Kedesh, they are taken in the house of Moriyah and her big family. Slowly the girls will adjust to the new realities, new culture, and new God. Moriyah’s family is kind and welcoming and for the first time in a long time, Sofea feels like she can be part of a family again. She even opens her heart to a man, a handsome, strong, and caring Eitan. However, there are many secrets that Sofea has yet to discover. Are Moriyah and Eitan the people who they say they are? And why are they hiding? Will Sofea be able to leave the horrors of her past and insecurities behind and trust the people who’ve been nothing but kind to her?
I’ve discovered Connilyn Cossette’s books not very long ago, and her first series Out from Egypt blew my mind. I’m continuing to enjoy her other books. Shelter of the Most High is incredible. It’s about people; kind, God-loving, merciful and forgiving. The people who take strangers in and treat them as family, who are compassionate and caring. The author manages to create a beautiful setting of a cozy Hebrew home. When I dive into one of her books, I’m suddenly in this safe and good place, and it’s encouraging. I always enjoy watching how her characters develop and find the way to God. And even if they struggle and face dangers they always find a way to overcome everything and it all ends on a positive note. It’s very uplifting. I like the writing style, it’s very soothing and balanced, and the narrative just flows at a perfect pace.

Rating: 5/5

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