Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

After spending a few years traveling around the world with her family, Cordelia Carstairs returns to London, with a mission on her mind. She must find a way to clear her father’s name. He was wrongly accused of a crime and Cordelia feels like she is the only one who can help him and prove his innocence. In London she is welcomed by Herondales, her childhood friends Lucy and James are determined to help her. Everything goes according to Cordelia’s plan until the arrival of the Blackthorns. Beautiful Grace Blackthorn and James seem to have a deeper connection than friendship and Cordelia is heartbroken. Moreover, her plan of rescuing her father interrupts by mysterious demons attack around London at daylight, something that never happened before. The evil is even darker and serious than they expected and everything complicates even more when James discovers the truth about himself. However, the young Shadowhunters are not going to give up before they save themselves and the rest of the world.

From the perspective of someone who read all the previous books in the Shadowhunters’ world, this new series is awesome! Another wonderful story by Cassandra Clare did not disappoint me. Moreover, it’s one of my favorite books of hers so far. I find the setting of Edwardian London enchanting and it adds to the mysterious and dark atmosphere of the plot. Again the author created some amazing characters; Cordelia, James, Lucy, Matthew, and Alastair are interesting to follow and complex. I was glad that Cordelia owns Cortana! I just love how its power adds to the person who holds it. How can you not be a fierce warrior when you hold a sword like that? I was hooked from page one and couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. It was so satisfying to watch Will and Tessa as grownups and married with children. Their relationship is as strong and loving as it was in the beginning and they raised amazing kids. James and Lucy are so much like their parents when they were their age; brave and adventurous. The romantic drama was very painful though… Cassandra Clare likes to torture the reader and find new ways to keep the characters apart. I was so frustrated and hope to see things work out in the next book as soon as possible!

Rating: 5/5


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