The Farm Stand by Amy Clipston

Salina has always been passionate about gardening and growing her own fruits and vegetables, and running her own business, it’s a dream come true. Her farm stand at the Amish Market is thriving and becomes very popular due to her beautiful produce. She is especially excited to spend time with her lovely cousins who also run businesses at the Market. However, her personal life is a big mess. At home, she feels continuously compared to her older brother who seems to be perfect and always makes the right choices. She is also dating a childhood beau Josiah for over a year. Everyone expects them to get married soon, but Salina is not convinced he’s the one for her. When a handsome Mennonite restaurateur Will shows up regularly at the market and purchases her veggies for his restaurant, Salina begins to develop new and surprising feelings towards this charming stranger. Would Salina have the courage to make the right decision for herself?
The second novel in the Amish Market series is following another cousin. Salina is my favorite heroine so far. She is very witty, fun, and was very realistically portrayed. I could relate to many of the stuff she was going through and dealing with. The constant comparison to the sibling, the urge to live up to other people’s expectations…I liked her spirit and how she stood up for herself. Will was a nice guy, but I was focusing more on Salina. It was one of the rare times while reading a romance novel, I didn’t care about the romance and the love interest. I was rooting for the heroine to succeed.
The pacing of the novel is quite slow and steady, but it’s perfect for this book since it’s about the Amish lifestyle. Which I find charming. Looking forward to the third book about Bethany’s Coffee Corner.

Rating: 5/5

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